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    It should coordinate its activities with Europol as the agency responsible for supporting and strengthening Member States' actions and their cooperation in preventing and combating serious crime affecting two or more Member States. Cross-border crimes necessarily entail a cross-border dimension. Such a cross-border dimension is characterised schiavitù del pene crimes directly linked to unauthorised crossings of the external borders, including trafficking in human beings or smuggling of migrants.

    schiavitù del pene

    Accordingly, as regards sea operations, the operational plan should include specific information on the application of the relevant jurisdiction and legislation in the geographical area where the joint operation, pilot project or rapid intervention takes place, including references to Union and international law regarding interception, rescue at sea and disembarkation.

    The operational plan should be established in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation governing interception, rescue at sea and disembarkation in the context of border surveillance operations at sea coordinated by the Agency and having regard to the particular circumstances of the operation concerned.

    The operational plan should schiavitù del pene procedures ensuring that persons with international protection needs, victims of trafficking in human beings, unaccompanied minors and schiavitù del pene schiavitù del pene persons are identified and provided with appropriate assistance, including access to international protection.

    schiavitù del pene